Orlando Bloom and Flo Rida

19 Nov


I miss posting! Gahhh but that goddamn police check just won’t come! Incompetent government department…

Apple bottom jeans.. boots wid da furrr, da whole club is lookin at herrr


The Checklist

12 Nov

My first email from WDW International Recruiting XD OMG, it’s fully happening.

Basic Contents:

  • We are so excited that you’ve chosen to participate in the Disney International Programs! To prepare for your arrival, we’re going to be sending you some e-mails that contain valuable information.
  • Arrival Date (7/16/2011)
  • IMPORTANT ITEMS CHECKLIST (yes i know this is a sq root symbol)
  • Request for Medical Accommodation form (I won’t be needing this)
  • Meet Chris & Tony! You’ll be seeing a lot more of them, and they will be answering your questions (video)

Thing you need to take care of before you head off yo:

  1. Program Dates: must arrive + depart Company-sponsored housing on designated program arival + departure dates
    √ July 16 2011 – January 6 2012
  2. Position: roles can’t be changed after acceptance
    √ Recreation
  3. Passport: must be valid for at least 30 days following program end date
    √ expires  2014
  4. Background Check: must submit as part of employment process
    - in process
  5. Disney Congratulations Packet: you should receive approx. 5 weeks after accepting offer (eeep!), pay close attention to Disney Look info + guidelines X
  6. Medical Insurance: must provide own coverage for length of program + purchased prior to program arrival + bring proof of insurance to US X
  7. US Social Security Card X
  8. Visa: sponsor will send all necessary visa paperwork approx. 45 days prior to arrival X
  9. Travel Arrangements: to Welcome Center, must contact CIPO (College & International Programs Office) with flight arrival info (email) X
  10. Housing: must live in Company-sponsored housing for duration of program, weekly housing fee deducted from pay each week during program. Check out time is 11am on scheduled departure date. Pay nonrefundable Program Assessment Fee, print receipt + bring to US X

The Application Timeline

11 Nov

NOTE: Dates are approximate, and dialogue paraphrased :D

Own experience may differ.

Sep 20 Notification from University of Auckland:
Disney Presentation on Sept 22nd, come and all your dreams will come true!

Sep 22 Disney Employer Presentation
Chat with STB (Student Travel Bureau) Daniella, should I apply for Jan or Jul?? July.. just to be safe.
Interview with Disney representative Jenni at 10pm, Why put it off? I can go in Jan…

Correspondence with STB begins…

Sept 23 Sent off copy of Passport profile page + Proof of Student Status

Sept 30 Congratulations!!
You have been accepted in the July 2011 intake! :D :D:D
Role will be sent to you in 2 weeks.
Hmm ok! They decided for me :)
*starts planning for first semester*

Oct 12 Congratulations!!!
You have been accepted in Merchandise July 16th 2011 to January 6th 2012. Advise us on whether you would like to accept and if so, please send us a criminal background check.

Oct 14 Yesss I accept!!!

Oct 15 Welcome to the Disney family :)
Applied for criminal background check

Oct 21 Call from STB, Ashleigh (I think)
So… You were actually accepted in the January intake.. If you want to switch to July your role will be changed.
Oh… to what?
Let you know soon :)

Oct 26 Call from STB, Daniella
How does Recreation sound?

Nov 9 Send us your flippin’ police check!

Nov 11 Police check still hasn’t arrived (takes 20 working days, in other words 4 weeks!!!)

UNSTICKY: Counting Down

10 Nov

The Walt Disney World International Program

9 Nov

I can’t believe it either… I’m going to be spending 6 months in sunny Florida at DISNEY WORLD!! Didn’t even hear about it until 2 days before my interview. Acting on impulse finally pays off! My role will be Recreation, which involves:

  • Assisting Guests in one or more recreational areas such as waterslide operations, towel rental, watercraft rental, marina operations, arcades, or resort recreational facilities
  • Prolonged exposure to outside weather elements
  • Strong swimming skills
  • Providing first aid and basic life support in the event of Guest injury or illness
  • Keeping recreational areas clean
  • Cash handling – both manual and using computerized registers
  • Maintaining safety standards
  • Answering Guest questions
  • Standing for extended periods, working outdoors
  • During off-peak seasons, assisting other operating areas throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, including performing roles other than recreation

Sooo looking forward to it!! I’m also planning to take one of the free courses they offer under Professional Development Studies (screw Collegiate courses, I am so done with that!! (after 2 more exams)), Finance:

The Finance Professional Development Study offers Business & Accounting students an opportunity to explore how specific organizational units are managed. Specific topics include Forecasting & Trend Analysis, Operating Labor Management, Operating & Capital Planning, and Pro Forma Development. This program consists of eight sessions lasting two to three hours in length.

For more information, and how to apply, visit http://www.disneyinternationalprograms.com/


Do you still have your old school Disney movie video tapes? I DO!!!

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